An organic formulation which is a highly effective nutrient supplement.


  • Quick correction of nutrient deficiency
  • Increases photosynthetic activity
  • High increase in yields and good crop stand
  • Tolerance to abiotic and biotic stresses.



  • Foliar Spray – Vegetative stage 50ml of LS and 25ml of Sree platino combined per 15ltrs of water should be sprayed
    Flowering stage 50ml of LS and 50ml of sree platino combined per 15ltrs of water should be sprayed.
  • 500grms of MSK and 250ml of sree platino in 150ltrs of water can be sprayed every fortnight in intervals.


Recommended Crops: - All vegetable, cereal and flower crops.


A liquid formulation which is unique and contains biologically activated organic stimulants.


  • Very fast nutritional correction especially during the critical stages.
  • Better flowering with reduced flower drop.
  • Increases fragrance, aroma and taste in floricultural crops



  • Drip Irrigation – 1kg MSK with 1ltr of hortifllora can be used as drip at the vegetative or early stage of the crop cycle.
  • Foliar Spray – during flowering stage of the crop cycle 3kgs of MSK with 2ltr of hortiflora can be sprayed once in a week for an acre of agricultural land
  • Foliar Spray – 5kgs of MSK with 3ltrs of hortiflora during fruit/boll/pod development stages is sprayed once in a week on an acre of agricultural land.

Recommended Crops: - All fruiting and flowering crops.


An organic formulation which enhances the root zone activities. 


  • Absorption of nutrients can be easily taken up.
  • Very compactable with various fertilizers and pesticides
  • Good retention of water in the soil 



  • Foliar Spray – 50-100grms of Rhizozen in 150- 200ltrs of water is diluted and spray on the crop.
  • Drip – 100gms per acre of Rhizozen in drip method.


Recommended Crops: - All vegetable, fruit and cash crops.


A natural product which consists of polysaccharides, to improve the resistance of the crop.


  • Improves life cycle of the crop.
  • Resistance to abiotic and biotic stresses
  • Builds up the plant resistance with the help of polysaccharides



  • Foliar Spray – 2.5ml mixed in a liter of water and sprayed at any given time of the crop cycle.


Recommended Crops: - All fruits and cash crops.


A highly effective nutrient supplements formulation which helps the crop in quick absorption of available nutrients.


  • Quick correction of nutrient deficiency
  • High foliage and helps id better photosynthetic activity
  • Tolerant to biotic and abiotic stresses



  • Foliar Spray/Soil Application – 2ml per liter of water can be sprayed or applied to the soil 3 times during the crop life cycle mainly from flowering to harvest stage.

Recommended Crops: - All fruits, vegetables and flower crops.


An organic formulation which is a metabolic inducer.


  • Boosts the vegetative and reproductive stages of the crop
  • Enhances the maturation and improves fruits and pod formation



  • Foliar Spray – 25-50ml in 100ltrs of water and sprayed on different crop stages.


Recommended Crops: - All ornamental, horticultural and vegetable crops.

SREE 999

An organic formulation which helps in growth development of a plant.


  • Induces systemic resistance in crop.
  • The compounds present in the formulation involves in endogenous regulation of morphogenesis.
  • Improves the enzymatic and hormonal activity in plants at various crop stages.



  • Foliar Spray – 2.5ml in 1ltr water can be sprayed on the crop.


Recommended Crops: - All vegetables, cereals, pulses and horticultural crops.


A sprayed dried 100 percent water soluble formulation which is a blend of fermented substances derived from various components.


  • Energy booster for the plants 
  • Acts as an instant food source when applied 
  • Compactable with other fertilizers and pesticides



  • Foliar Spray – 200grms mixed with 150-200ltrs water and sprayed on 1 acre crop land.


Recommended Crops: - All vegetable and fodder crops.


A natural organic formulation containing long chains of polysaccharides.


  • Suppresses plant pathogens.
  • Triggers immunity giving the plant good health
  • Compactable with most agro chemicals



  • Soil Application – 3kgs per acre is applied in the soil
  • Foliar Spray – 2ml per liter of water is sprayed


Recommended Crops: - All vegetable and cash crops.