A liquid formulation consisting of halophilic (salt tolerant) bacterial consortium.


  • Good PGP activity and productivity
  • Good nutrient uptake and nutrient use efficiency
  • Very effective in sodic soils to remediate the soil and decrease the salt
  • Fixes N, Solubilizes P and Mobilizes Zn.



  • Soil Drenching – 250ml HC mixed in water is either drenched in the soil or near individual plants..
  • Nursery Drenching – 10ml in 10ltrs drench the nursery beds
  • Drip Irrigation – 250ml in 250ltrs of water and used in drip.
  • Seed Treatment – 10ml per 1 kg seed coated and dried under shade.


Recommended Crops: - All vegetable crops and Cereal crops.