A liquid based consortium formulation with extremely effective Phosphate solubilizing bacteria


  • Maximizes Phosphorous availability in soil
  • Good nutrient uptake
  • Protects and Increases the rhizosphere



  • Soil Drenching – 250ml NP mixed with water is either drenched in the soil or near individual plants.
  • Nursery Drenching – 10ml in 10ltrs water and drench the nursery beds.
  • Drip irrigation – 250ml in 250ltrs water and used in drip.
  • Seed Treatment – 10ml per 1 kg seed coated and dried under shade.
  • Foliar Spray – 250ml in 150-200lts of water sprayed on crop canopy.


Recommended Crops: - All Vegetable, Horticulture, Pulses and Cereals crops.


A talc based formulation consisting of multi microbial plant bio stimulant strains. 


  • Increases the overall growth and metabolism of the crop
  • Builds up the strength to withstand adverse stress
  • Rhizosphere activation 🡪 active metabolism 🡪good photosynthesis
  • Increases Nutrient Use efficiency (NUE)



  • Foliar Spray – 500grms in 150-200ltrs water is mixed thoroughly and sprayed uniformly on 1 acre crop.


Recommended Crops: - All vegetable, pulses and oilseed crops.